**Simple Composition** (2007-2017)

The title is, lovingly, *at Charles*.

I am so grateful to composer Shoko Suzuki for having me participate in her project where composers and elementary school students worked together. Simple Compositon began with an ostinato composed by Shoko's 4th grade composers. Their ostinato acted like ouija or like the I Ching's yarrow sticks, or as the Sestina acts upon the verbal impulses of poets and readers. The exercise led me to what I would like to herald as a healthy 21st C. shuffling of musical values. [ And every work should be no less. ]

The piece also fulfilled a commission from Ebb & Flow Arts. I am grateful for Ebb & Flow for overcoming reluctance or ambivalence about 4rth graders involved in grown-up music.

There may be only a tincture or a signature of the original ostinato at this ripe moment in the work's development.

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