Baudelaire & Mallarme were at the center of the Symbolist movement. They both considered Poe a spiritual father. Moreover, there are two American Symbolistes who played important roles: Francis Vielé-Griffin and Francais Stuart Merrill. Our other apps curate existing music. In this one, the app will, hopefully provide a framework for a group of new works.

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  • settings of Vielé-Griffin & Stuart Merrill
  • whatever fits

What is Symbolisme?

It is best to assume that all who come here know nothing about Symbolism and are, moreover, entirely suspicious, assuming that Symbolism is a construct, an error that needs to be corrected, something as outmoded as religion or pantheism, something surpassed by a wiser and more essential and more modern approach to the problems of existence. This will be an ambitious *reconstruction* aimed at a Christopher Hitchens or a Richard Dawkins, or at a positivist.

One aim of positivism was to reduce all metaphysics to formal tautologies.

We might say that the first Dawkins or the first Hitchens, or the first Kahneman/Tversky was Auguste Comte.

When Baudilaire rebelled against anything "positif", he had to have Comte in mind, no?

We all know positivists who spend time in art museums. What are they doing there? The artists, the poets, the composers know something, something inspires curiosity in the otherwise reason-besotted positivists.. The positivists feel it in their bones, but they can't wrap their heads around it. There is a place for the head.

[ on a pike?-- no, no ]