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We will be so happy if you only listen to the music. Then, if you wish, read the lyrics (if there are lyrics), finally, and only if necessary, look for a bit of direction from the composer. The composer, while alive, might or might not choose to talk about what made the music happen. The composer may or may not choose to describe or explain what sparked the work.

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Bear in mind that there are overwhelming forces to tell a composer not to compose. There is a story about Berlioz having a musical dream. He woke from the dream with a powerful theme still clear in his mind. He could have written it down. The story goes that he chose to forget it. There would be an enormous effort involved in writing the symphony and finding the money to hire the musicians to launch a first performance. There would be friction with his loved ones. So he let it go. Music that is captured, as it is here, either live or in studio recordings, is over-determined. It involves collaborations between willing musicians and composers who manage to overcome the *eternal nay*, and devoted organizations with the resources to put it all together.

What does the music mean? Nothing. What does the wind on our face on a white sand beach on Nantucket mean? Determining what the music means is a creative exercise, and composers are wise to leave that to their listeners.